News & Events Happenings in our community

Bronx Health Fair

Xtreme Care staff attends many community events such as these around the New York Metro area to support good health initiatives for seniors.

Elmhurst Senior Center Educational Seminar

Celebrating Seniors’ role in families and communities, we love to support them through meaningful educational seminars that promote the health and well-being of our seniors.

CaringKind Brain Health Day

Xtreme Care is a major sponsor and participant in community events such as Brain Health Day. In this event, we provide free literature and information about keeping your brain strong and fit as well as a delicious meal for our friends and family to enjoy.

Chinese American Social Service Center

A non-profit corporation dedicated to helping residents of Kings County obtain higher standards of living by assembling and disseminating social services information.

Cypress Hill Senior Residence

Xtreme Care loves our Seniors. We care enough to have regular visits at senior centers and residences and proudly sponsor events that benefit seniors’ social lives.