Personal Assistant Qualification

There are few qualifications to becoming a Personal Assistant (PA)

• Must be over 18 years old.

• Must be legally allowed to work in the United States.

• Interested individual must be clear of any criminal charges in his/her record (including misdemeanors).
• A complete Physical examination (physical form will be provided). Physical exam must include the following:

• You must finish the PA Physical Assessment.
• physical therapy

• Rubella Titre
• Rubeola Titre
• PPD Mantoux (Must have two PPD test)

※ Each PPD test consists of two parts: Part I – having the test “placed” on the arm and Part II – having the result “read” 48-72 hours later by a healthcare provider. Therefore, to have two PPD tests means that you will need to perform this cycle twice. Again, each test must be performed AT LEAST 7 days apart from each other and BOTH tests need to be performed WITHIN a year of taking this course. Therefore, it will take a minimum of 9-10 days to complete and have a result on two PPD tests.

※ If you have a positive skin test result you must take a chest X-ray.

Additional Requirements

Patient and PA cannot live in same household

Child can become a PA for his/her parents but parent cannot become a PA for his/her child. Spouse cannot be each other’s PAs.
Most people can serve as personal assistants and get paid to provide care under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Service. There are two notable exceptions that cannot serve as personal assistants: spouses and parents.