Tips to Prevent Age-Related Diseases in Elderly

Older adults face various health related issues. As one ages, there are changes in the human body and lifestyle. One retires from work, reduces physical activity, and there is also a change in the eating habits. Yes, the sense of smell and taste also alters as one ages. These different changes taking place simultaneously can lead to various lifestyle diseases. Research indicates 80% of the seniors suffer from at least one chronic health concern and 68% have two or more of such health conditions. The only way to give your senior a peaceful retired life is by preventing the occurrence of such diseases. But, if at all they are already suffering from one or more of these health conditions, then chronic disease management holds the key to their good health.


Below are some tips that can help prevent age-related diseases in your elderly.


Maintain a Healthy Weight


1.Maintain a Healthy Weight:


Most lifestyle diseases are related to overweight. If your senior’s blood sugar levels are fluctuating, then immediately get the Body Mass Index checked. It indicates the healthy weight for every age group and is the right parameter of assessing if your senior needs to lose weight. As adults age, they lose muscle mass, which increases their frailty and they also burn less calories as they are not physically active. This leads to increase in weight, which is one of the leading causes of common chronic diseases like diabetes, high cholesterol and coronary heart diseases. But, ensure they don’t lose on the vital nutrients. For this, consult the GP or a clinical dietitian and get a healthy meal plan for your senior.


Elderly Physical Activity


2. Physical Activity, A Must:


Age is no excuse to quit your yoga or gym. Rather, it must be a part of the everyday routine. Your senior must indulge in some form of physical activity to keep lifestyle diseases at bay and to improve their balance, strength and endurance. If they suffer from mobility related issues, then look for exercises, which they can carry out and keep themselves fit. From aerobics to yoga, there are plenty of options for seniors. You can make them join the gym, nearby where they can carry out floor exercise, elliptical training and work out on the treadmill. These will help in preventing muscle diseases and improving their balance. Likewise, yoga can do wonders to their aging memory, flexibility and overall well-being. A regular fitness regime, will not only give them a sound sleep every night, but also keep their blood sugar levels and blood pressure under control.


Elderly Smoking


3. Quit Smoking, Limit Intake of Alcohol:


Smoking and alcohol consumption is the leading cause of cancer among older adults. While, smoking not only causes lung cancer, but also increases the risk of stomach, cervical and mouth cancer. On similar lines, excess alcohol intake increases the risk of breast cancer in woman. So, it is essential that you help your senior quit smoking and reduce the intake of alcohol for a good health naturally.


Periodic Health Check-Up for Elderly


4. Periodic Health Check-Up & Screening:


It is essential for your senior to undergo preventive health checkup. You should check with the GP and ensure that they never miss a doctor appointment. In addition, ensure that they take part in national screening programs to prevent diseases like cancer.


elderly outing


5. Go Out, Under the Sun:


Getting a regular dose of Vitamin D is quite important for your aging senior. It’s deficiency is also a leading cause of pain in the elderly. So, ensure that your senior goes out under the sun every day, but in the morning to avoid the risk of skin cancer. A daily stroll under the sun will help them meet their fitness targets and get a dose of Vitamin D.


Follow these tips to give your senior a healthy old age. Let them relax, enjoy and have a memorable retirement phase. If you are looking for disease management programs for your senior, then the Xtreme Care team can come to your aid. We have a specific program designed to take care of your senior, which will help in their overall well-being. From healthy eating to stress management, workout regime to regular health check-up’s, our seasoned professionals will take complete care of your senior. You can check our services here and make the most of them to give your senior a  beautiful post retirement life.