About Us

Who We Are

X-treme Care, LLC is a New York State Licensed Home Health Care Agency that provides general Nursing and Para-Professional homecare services throughout the five boroughs of New York City and Nassau and Westchester Counties. X-treme Care focuses on enhancing the quality of life of the every individual.

We believe that our patient’s wellbeing begins with our ability to provide independence in a safe and comfortable environment. We have committed to providing effective and exemplary care to all of our patients through well trained and compassionate caregivers. All of our professionals undergo a thorough selection process which requires training within the full spectrum of home health sciences and care-giving techniques. Moreover, all of our employees are licensed, certified, bonded and insured.

At the organizational level, we at X-treme Care strive to improve our services for our community. We recognize our clienteles’ diversity and have hired and trained people from diverse nationalities to make health-related services more reliable and available to all of our patients. We work closely with local government social services, mental health departments, general health departments, hospitals, nursing homes, HMOs and agencies which provide services for the disabled. We have also established joint projects with local schools and universities in order to better work with local leaders to make quality health care more accessible and to serve a greater role in our community. Our commitment to providing quality health services has already earned us numerous awards and recognition from various community groups.